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2-Minute Animatic Trailer

I just made a 2-minute animatic concept trailer for “Eros & Amara Sol” that I’m hoping to shoot. I wrote a voiceover and put my drawings to it with music.

Credit to filmmaker Diane Bell for the brilliant idea of making a concept trailer to help attract financing for a feature.

(If you’re curious, this was the concept trailer she shot to raise financing for her Sundance movie Obselidia. It inspired this animatic trailer. I wrote more about the process in creating this trailer at my “Eros and Amara Sol” movie blog.)

Next step? Cast it and shoot the bad boy.

By the way, if you do check out this trailer, thank you so much.

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My First “Movie” (Updated)

My work space for the past 7 months

Last week I posted about completing a 15:15 minute animatic (i.e., I had put drawings together into something like a movie). When I showed the animatic to my girlfriend, I realized I needed to add narration. The animatic is basically an extended trailer, so the story jumps around a bit.

So, I unpublished that post, and I spent last week putting narration to the animatic. It’s now 28:45. But I think it’s better because the story might be clearer.

Getting a feature-length movie off the ground is difficult (making this animatic is meant to be a step towards making the feature version of this short). But whatever happens, I loved the experience of making this animatic. It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot.

(In case you’re curious, I wrote about what I learned on my blog about the movie:

In any event, even though the animatic is now 28:15 minutes long to watch, it took me about 7 months to make it. Phew. But I’m excited.

I’ve had the desire to get this feature off the ground for a decade now (I wrote the first draft back in 2013, and it’s now 2023). I’m excited to have taken what feels like a real step in that direction. If you’d like to check it out, here’s the animatic.

Concept Short for Eros & Amara Sol (With Narration) from Justin Amoroso on Vimeo.