Here are the categories I’d like to explore here:

  1. The Eightfold Path from Buddhism
  2. The Jesuit Ideal
  3. God and the Afterlife

I went to a Jesuit University called Fordham University. It’s the first time I was exposed to the Jesuit ideal, and I fell absolutely in love with it. That’s why I’d like to continue exploring it. I suppose this represents a “Western” tradition of spirituality.

The Buddha’s Eightfold Path is also incredibly inspiring to me and something I’d like to understand better. I suppose this represent an “Eastern” tradition of spirituality.

Same goes for the afterlife. To be honest, I’m a bit obsessed with death. No one knows 100% what happens to us when we die, but these are questions I’d still love to explore. These questions, I think, transcend (or maybe bridges together) “East” and “West.”

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